Saint Thérèse Of The Child Jesus And Her Walk Toward Him

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Over the years, I have wondered how the Little Flower, another title of the great and yet humble Doctor of the Church, St. Therese of Lisieux, got the name Thérèse of the Child Jesus. Visiting Les Buissonnets, home of the Martin family, on pilgrimage, we discovered a small manger, in the back of the Martin garden, with a bed of straw, upon which lay a tiny Creche and all the little figures of the Nativity. We were told Therese made this, when she was just a little child, and that she always had a deep devotion to the Child Jesus.

Throughout her Autobiography of a Soul, and in many letters she wrote to her family, we find her addressing the Child Jesus, inviting Him to use her as His little toy:

“I had offered myself, for some time now, to the Child Jesus as His little plaything. I told Him not to use me as a valuable toy children are content to look at but dare not touch, but to use me like a little ball of no value which He could throw on the ground, push with His Foot, pierce, leave in a corner, or press to His Heart if it pleased Him; in a word, I wanted to amuse little Jesus, to give Him pleasure; I wanted to give myself up to His Childish Whims. He heard my prayer.

Saint Therese not only loved Him as the Child Jesus, she desired to love Him as a child, with a child’s heart. Taking to heart Jesus’ words, “…whoever does not accept the kingdom of God, as a child will not enter into it,” she speaks to Him as a child. If you look closely, with the eyes of a child, yourself, you will see a little child, the child Thérèse putting on the imaginary armor she will later don, when she plays Jeanne d’Arc. Dream and you too can enter the child’s innocent world she lived in:

“I want to love You like a little child. I want to fight like a brave warrior Like a child full of little attentions, Lord, I want to overwhelm You with caresses, And in the field of the Apostolate, like a warrior I throw myself into the fight! Your Heart that preserves innocence, won’t betray my trust! In You, Lord, rests my hope. When in my heart the storm arises, to You, Jesus, I lift up my head. In Your merciful look I read: ‘Child, for you I made the Heavens.'”

Saint Therese does battle

At fourteen years of age, Saint Therese desired to enter the Carmel, where her sisters were cloistered. She found herself waging battle with insurmountable obstacles blocking her way.

First, according to the Rule of the Mother and foundress of their Order, Saint Teresa of Jesus, no more than two from one family could be in the same House. Her sisters Pauline and Marie were already a part of the Community.

Second and most important, Saint Therese was only fourteen years old; much too young to enter!

Third, if that wasn’t enough to discourage the most determined, she had to get permission from her father, whom she dearly loved and who dearly loved her.

Fourth, when she was able to convince her dear father, she had to face her uncle. She waited six months before approaching him. He’d played a great part in raising her and her sisters, since their mother had died, and he predictably denied her permission to enter! Saint Thérèse dramatically writes of this time,

“…it was night everywhere, the dark night of the soul;” I felt, like the Lord in His agony, that I was quite alone without anyone on earth or in Heaven to console me; God Himself seemed to have abandoned me.”

Her sister Pauline interceded with their uncle and he gave his permission.

Now Fifth, she had to gain permission to enter, from the Superior of the Convent. He insisted she had to wait until she was twenty-one years old! He finally acquiesced, throwing her a bone, “Of course, the final decision rests with the Bishop.”

On the way to the Bishop’s office, Therese prophesied,

“I said, I’d go to the Holy Father himself, if the Bishop of Bayeux wouldn’t let me enter the Carmel at fifteen.”

The Bishop promised an answer after their pilgrimage to Rome.

Bob and Penny Lord are renowned Catholic authors and television hosts on EWTN, Global Catholic television. They are prolific writers about the Catholic faith, especially the Saints for which they have been dubbed “experts on the Saints.” For more information about this Saint go to click here

Hospitals of Chicago

Hospitals are the essential most things which give the feel of care to the people of the town. Hospital is the symbol which shows that the government of the country feels what to the people of the town. Chicago’s government is one of the humble and caring government for the people of the state. The local government of the Chicago relies the need of the good hospital in the state so that they made good kind of hospitals. One of the most important things in making hospital environment better is that because of the theory that the health is associated with the better environment. It is true that the environment play the important role in giving the health to the patients.

The hospitals in Chicago are much maintained because the local government gives them the funds time by time to maintain the place better. Human is one of the most complicated machines of the world. One of the most complicated things of the human body is the human brain. It is only 3 pounds of weight but it controls all the functions of the body. The hospitals of Chicago have hired the brain doctors and the surgeon so that if any one brain’s get ill and need the medical service than that person should not go anywhere because their state have the service of the best doctors.

One of the best hospitals in the state of the Chicago is the Saint Anthony Hospital. Saint Anthony Hospital has the history of the 100 years. Every type of service is provided in the hospital. The doctors who are working over here are professionals of their field so that people who come here for the purpose of healing mostly get the health from this hospital. The delivery service of the baby is free in this hospital. Not only free but the hospital provides the better environment to the patients. Saint Anthony Hospital has every kind of facilities and it also has every kind of the machineries. The mission of the Hospital is not to generate the revenue but to serve the humanity.

The hospitals with such a vision are very less. The saint Anthony Hospital of Chicago is the unique type of hospital they said that they think that every patient is the unique for them to treat. People of the Chicago or even people of the America recognize the hospital and solute the service of the hospital. Hospital such as Saint Anthony no doubt is the star on the Chicago.

Hospital helps the patient without thinking any kind of thing. Saint Anthony helps the people to find the appropriate doctors. Saint Anthony Hospital of Chicago hired the staff that are well trained and have the experience of serving in his or her for more than five years. Most importantly the habits of the humbleness has been checked by the hospital administration while hiring the doctors and the others members of the hospital.

Hotel Saint Germain: A Medieval Age Tourist’s Base Camp

In just one visit to the Hotel Saint Germain in Paris you tend to experience the feeling of walking into the boulevards of history. The area and the hotel have been named after the great Saint Germain, who was considered a messiah for the poor. Though there has been considerable growth of modern day buildings, some buildings in the area have a distinct medieval connect and charm.

As a tourist to Paris, if you are in search of good hotels, then you will come across many that stand out from others. Hotel Saint Germain is one of them. It is a strategically located hotel, which is just a walking distance from the Louvre and other museums of note. The hotel has an old world charm due to its elegant setting among historical monuments and offers the tourist a new world comfort.

The area around the church of Abbey of Saint Germain is beautiful and regarded as travelers’ paradise, as it gives ample opportunities to tourists to experience medieval Paris. Another good hotel in the vicinity of Hotel Saint Germain is the Hotel Abbaye, which is the finest hotel Paris has seen in this area.

Known as Hotel De’l Abbaye Saint Germain, this hotel offers Duplex Apartment-type rooms with a private terrace to enjoy the Parisian life below. Hotel Abbaye Paris lies near the St Germain de Pres, The Orsay Museum, the famous Notre Dame Cathedral, the Luxembourg Palace and Gardens, and even the famous Louvre. The people of this area are quite hospitable and full of warmth, and the shopping enthusiast can experience contemporary and old art forms in galleries and curios, which line up in the area.

Hotel Saint Germain is one of the finest hotels in Paris. Interior of the hotel has been designed under the guidance of Micheal Boyer. Hotel is known for excellent services and friendly staff.

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Monuments in Cuenca….Spain

Cuenca is among the gorgeous places in Spain; it is situated in the centre of Spain and has plenty of monuments for the visitors. Each single monument in Cuenca has its own oldest history. This article will give you a brief tour of all the monuments in Cuenca.

1. Saint Paul:

This is the name of the bridge which was constructed to cross the Huecar’s Gorge River in order to make it easy for the people to reach Saint Paul convent and that is why this bridge is called Saint Paul Bridge. The current bridge was constructed on the establishment of the old bridge when the old bridge was destructed.

2. Saint Paul Convent:

This convent has a very old history. It was originally built during the 16th to 18th century but it collapsed afterwards. The new construction was started during 1990 and the current structure of the convent is very beautiful. This convent also has the well known Parador Nacional de Turismo de Cuenca Hotel. You can only visit the convent by crossing the Saint Paul Bridge as this is the single way to reach the convent.

3. Savior Church:

Savior Church was constructed in the 18th century and this church has one tower only. This church is constructed with the architecture of neo-Gothic style. It has plenty of art work for display to the visitors. There are number of sculptures as well in the church. On Good Friday every year the religious gathering named Las Turbas takes place in this church.

4. Saint Michael Church:

Saint Michael Church is considered among the most impressive and beautiful buildings in Cuenca. This building was constructed first time during the 13th century and at that time this church had a single apse and nave. During the 15th century, one more nave was constructed. In the 18th century, the auditorium of this church was altered. This church is now managed by the local municipality.

5. The Castle:

The castle is called El Castillo. This castle has its history of the time period of Arab rule on Spain. It has a very old infrastructure and most of the portion has collapsed but the local authorities are trying to maintain the remaining part of the castle which has not fallen down. According to historical background, the collision of the castle occurred during the Spanish war and it was destroyed by the French soldiers during the war.

Religious Jewelry Outward Symbols

Jewelry has long been an expression of one’s self. Today gold and silver is used as a status symbol but there is one aspect of jewelry that is not a discussion of one’s self but more one’s faith. Religious Jewelry makes a statement of one’s faith and is an outward display or a reminder.

The most common Religious jewelry revolves around the cross and in the case of Catholics, the crucifix. The difference between the two is the crucifix bears the body of Jesus, knows as the corpus. Catholics often wear or carry a crucifix as opposed to a cross without the body of Christ affixed to it.

Medals are extremely popular Religious Jewelry. Patron Saints also can be very personal jewelry gift items. Each medal has the image of a Catholic Saint struck into the medal. What makes it most personal is as people gravitate toward a Saint they are often someone they have something in common with the saint. St. Michael is the patron saint of police officers and commonly a medal is given to cadets at graduation. St. Cecilia is the patron Saint of musicians and is often given to Choirs as gifts.

The Miraculous Medal is a popular medal as well. It was handed down from the Blessed Mother as well as a Scapular Medal which is based on the cloth scapular. The Scapular and Miraculous Medals are often worn by the faithful to receive graces as promised by the Blessed Mother to the wears of the Medals and Scapular. These two medals are at times combined together to form a four way medal. A four way medal takes four different depictions of medals or saints and displays them on one cruciform, an item that when all of the parts are put together. Four way medals are very popular gift items because they often represent several different medals that are important to the catholic faith.

The Rosary is often a popular theme for jewelry. There are rosary bracelets which commonly have one decade of the rosary making the circle to go around the wrist. From there the rosary center and the rosary cross are usually mounted similar to a charm so they dangle from the wrist. It is a unique way to have a rosary. Often rosary bracelets use birthstone beads, either made of glass or semi precious stones, to make up the bead and the decade of the rosary.

The rosary also has thematic necklaces and rings that comprise one decade of the rosary. Just like the rosary bracelets, they have the cross as a charm. In the case of a rosary ring, often the cross factors to be present in lieu of the stone.

Earrings are often another item that can be commuted into crosses making it an attractive and often inexpensive outward expression of our faith. Kids and parents of young children often have cross earrings making it a leading children’s jewelry item.

Religious Jewelry is a wonderful gift idea for any season or sacramental event. Its is a lasting gift that will often reminder of the important event.

You Are Moments Away From Finding Out How To Get Great Deals On Saint Lucia Hotels

Your dream trip is about to start! The small West Indian island of Saint Lucia beckons you with its soft sandy beaches, sky-blue waters and fantastic hotels and resorts. Right now, the trip is only in your mind, but you’ve saved up enough money to make it happen. All you have to do is scan the internet for Saint Lucia hotels, click and book your favorite, and pack your suitcase.

But hang on a moment! These luxury hotels cost loads, and how can you be sure that you’re getting the best deal? Not everything that you read about them is necessarily true, and now you begin to wonder if you can really even afford to go. Maybe you need some help in booking and planning a trip, and a few discounts wouldn’t hurt, either. Could a vacation club help solve your problems?

The answer is a resounding “yes!” A vacation club will guide you through the travel-planning process by helping you find the best Saint Lucia hotels to suit your needs, and it will help you save money at the same time. Here are some of the incredible places that you could stay on your trip:

Anse Chastanet Resort is an amazing paradise with 2 private beaches and beautiful views of the Gros and Piti Piton mountains. Beautiful artwork decorates the resort, and coral reefs with beautiful fish are nearby. A wonderfully romantic resort awaits you!

Bay Gardens Beach Resort-This beautifully landscaped resort and pool area has wonderful restaurants, and is located close to Castries, the capital of Saint Lucia.

Jalousie Plantation, Sugar Beach- is on a very old sugar plantation, this French Caribbean resort will enchant you with its stunning rainforest atmosphere and views of the Pitons. It offers a peaceful, secluded environment in beautiful, natural surroundings.

A vacation club has access to many more 4 and 5-star resorts like these, and it can offer you fantastic discounts, as well. Without a doubt, a vacation club will get you the best deals on Saint Lucia hotels. Your membership is good for a lifetime, and you can travel anywhere, any time, with no blackout dates. In addition, friendly counselors assist you with all aspects of travel to include transportation, hotels, condos, cruises and any other travel needs you may have. Now, with your vacation club membership, you can pack your suitcase and have a great trip!.

If you want to know how to get the best deals on Saint Lucia hotels You really may want to consider a vacation club membership.

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Getting The Best Deals On Luxury Saint Lucia Hotels

If you take vacations on a regular basis, you may well benefit from a vacation club. Vacation club members can save thousands of dollars on their next trip to anywhere in the world. Are you nterested in a Caribbean vacation? Vacation club members can get the best deals on Saint Lucia hotels.

Bay Gardens Hotel is Saint Lucia’s award-winning premier destination. It has a reputation for being luxurious yet affordable accommodations. It is located centrally in Saint Lucia’s recreation and business district. For business travelers, it offers a conference center. For couples, the hotel has wedding and honeymoon vacation packages available. Bay Gardens Hotel’s sister property, Bay Gardens Beach Resort and Spa, offers a wide range of amenities. Enjoy lounging by the pool or jacuzzi, take advantage of the onsite fitness center or pamper yourself at the salon, spa or rejuvenation clinic. The resort also offers water sports and several restaurants and bars.

Other Saint Lucia hotels include Rendezvous, a boutique hotel especially for couples. It offers personalized, intimate vacation experiences for both newlyweds and those looking to put the spark back into their relationship. Mago Estate Hotel offers a jungle-themed experience. Nestled among mango trees, the hotel offers spectacular views of the Caribbean.

For the ultimate in luxury, visit award-winning Jalousie Plantations. Located amid 100 acres of rainforests, Jalousie Plantations offers butler service, a spa, dive facility, waterfront dining and a variety of bars and lounges. It accommodates families as well as couples. Almond Resort is an all-inclusive resort that includes unlimited meals drinks, room service, nightly entertainment, classes, water sports and specialized programs for children.

Becoming a vacation club member will let you experience these Saint Lucia hotels and many more, at up to 80% off. You can even save money on airfare and rental cars. You won’t find prices like this anywhere else, so joining a vacation club is an investment that pays off.

As a vacation club member you truly do get the best deals on the best Saint Lucia hotels. Before booking your next trip be sure to investigate becoming a member.

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Getting Great Deals On Saint Lucia Hotels

If you’re thinking of taking a vacation any time soon, you consider looking into a vacation club. Vacation club members receive fantastic rates on various types of vacations, including exotic and luxury accommodations. The best part is that you can travel at any time; there are no blackout dates. Interested in a vacation to the Caribbean? Saint Lucia, an island in the Caribbean, is a beautiful place to visit. Vacation club members can get amazing prices on Saint Lucia hotels.

Interested in amazing views? Check out the unique, jungle-themed Mago Hotel, this, environmentally-conscious, art themed Anse Chastanet resort or the Jalousie Plantation, which is set in the middle of a rainforest. They offer onsite bars and restaurants. These Saint Lucia hotels also offer seclusion and tranquility, perfect for a romantic getaway.

Looking for something located in the heart of the city? The Bay Gardens Hotel offers luxurious yet affordable accommodations near Saint Lucia’s entertainment and recreation actiivties. This award-winning hotel offers an Internet cafe, pool, spa packages, restaurants and babysitting services. Its sister property, Bay Garden Spa & Beach Resort, offer water sports, a fitness center and many bars and restaurants. It also has a wedding gazebo onsite for those interested in planning their wedding there.

If you are a frequent traveller, joining a vacation club may be your most profitable investment. For just a single fee of $ 679, you can benefit from luxury travel at its finest at up to 80% off. Save thousands on your next booking straight away.

Not only can you save on Saint Lucia hotels, but on any hotel in the world. Take a cruise or stay at four-star hotels or world-class beach resorts. Save money on airfare, rental cars and condos. All for just one fee good for a lifetime. There are no other fees to pay, ever. Vacation clubs have friendly, helpful customer service agents that can help you plan your next vacation for less.

If you want to best possible rates on Saint Lucia Hotels, or vacation accomodation in any other country you may want to give some thought to becoming a vacation club member.

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Saint-Louis Senegal

In the north-west of Senegal, near the mouth of the Senegal River, lies the town of Saint-Louis, capital of French Senegal from 1673 until independence in 1960.

The centre of the old colonial city lies on a narrow island in the river, measuring just 2 km (1.2 mi) long by about 400 in (1,312 ft) wide, although the modern city now sprawls on the mainland either side.

The first permanent French settlement in Senegal, Saint-Louis was founded in 1659 by French traders on an uninhabited island. Named after the French king Louis, the town commanded trade along the Senegal River, exporting slaves, animal hides, beeswax and gum arabic.

Between 1659 and 1779, the city was administered by nine different chartered companies. A Metis (Franco-African Creole) community soon developed, characterized by the famous signares. These bourgeois women entrepreneurs dominated the economic, social, cultural and political life of the city, creating an elegant urban culture with time for refined entertainments. They controlled most of the river trade and financed the principal Catholic institutions.

Louis Faidherbe became the Governor of French Senegal in 1854, and spent a great deal of money modernizing the town, including bridge building, setting up a drinking water supply, and providing an overland telegraph line to Dakar. The fortunes of the town began to dwindle as Dakar became an ever more important city. Saint-Louis’ port proved difficult for steam ships to access, and a railway between Saint-Louis and Dakar, opened in 1855, took most of its up-country trade.

Today Saint-Louis is a sleepy backwater which retains its lovely colonial architecture. In 2000 it was added to the World Heritage List, and many of its beautiful buildings are being renovated. Among the sites and monuments to see on the island are the Governor’s Palace, a fortress built in the 18th century across from Place Faidherbe, the Gouvernance which comprises the town’s administrative offices and Pare Faidherbe in the centre of town, named for the French governor.

The museum at the southern end of the island tells the story of Senegal’s history and peoples, with displays of traditional clothes and musical instruments, and there are various mosques and catholic churches to visit.

The heritage of the signares lives on in Saint-Louis today, with the festivals for which the town is famous. Fanals, a night-time procession of giant paper lanterns, takes place at Christmas, usually coinciding with the Saint-Louis Jazz Festival, the most important jazz festival in Africa. The annual pirogue race, organized by teams of fishermen from Guet-Ndar, takes place on the river and makes a vibrant spectacle.

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Patron Saints: Your Holy Intercessors with the Divine

Do you know who your patron saint is? Do you know how to find out who to call upon to intercede for you when you have lost your keys or when you are trying to get a poem published? Patron saints are meant to plead with the Lord on your behalf for virtually anything that is important to you–causes, countries, regions, professions, and so forth.

The tradition of patronage dates back as far as the fourth century A.D. When new churches were established, they were frequently named after apostles or martyrs, especially because early gathering places were at or near their final resting places.

This helped to inspire early Christians to follow their example of faithfulness and piety. Since then, the canonization of any exemplary Christian is meant to do the same: show us the path to heaven and guide us along the way. It is also fairly common for the angels to become patron; for example, the Archangel Michael is known as the patron of battle.

Sometimes the associations between saints and their patronage are somewhat loose. For example, Clare of Assisi was deemed the patron saint of television because she experienced a miracle in which she saw and heard the Christmas Mass, taking place miles away, while she was confined to her bed with a serious illness.

Each day of the year is designated as a feast day for at least one patron saint. Your personal patron saint is determined by the saint whose feast day coincides with your birthday. With the convenience of modern technology, you can go to any search engine on the Internet and find a calendar that will help you determine this, if you don’t already know.

You may have an additional advocate with the divine based on your namesake. For example, if your name is Patrick, you can claim the heavenly assistance of the famed St. Patrick, missionary to Ireland.

You may want to do some in-depth study on the life of your holy intercessor in order to find greater connections between him (or her) and you. The areas of life in which they were particularly pious can inspire you to seek strength through them where you may be spiritually struggling.

It may be helpful to keep some kind of reminder of your patron saints close to you in a place where you will be most likely to call on them. If you are an accountant, you may want to keep an image of St. Matthew at your desk or on your computer. For the upcoming baseball season, you may want to keep a representation of Saint Sebastian in your gym bag. Anything that you can keep with you all the time may be even better–to remind you that the divine is always with you.

To find gold patron saint medals to remind you always of your saintly intercessor, be sure to visit Ave Maria, Inc. ( for beautiful, detailed medallions as well as paintings, rosaries, Bibles, and other genuine Catholic paraphernalia. Art Gib is a freelance writer.

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