Top 5 Highly Recommended Places To Visit During Your St. Lucia Holidays

People plan their holidays with friends and families in summers, as it is a great time of the year when a person can enjoy nature to the fullest. There are many packages offered by the travel companies during this season. You must select the package that suits your budget. As most of the people like to have holidays that are affordable yet fun.

There are many beautiful places in the Caribbean, and Saint Lucia is one of them. It is an exotic and captivating holiday destination in the world. Saint Lucia is well known due to its hotels, tourist trails, resorts, parks, and shopping malls. It possesses so many places that attract tourists towards Saint Lucia. Every year, hundreds and thousands of tourists visit Saint Lucia.

During the peak seasons from December to March, Saint Lucia holidays can be very much expensive. Rents go up to 10 times higher than the off-peak rates, and same is the case with the air fares. Tourists from Europe and North America do not really bother about peak rates or off-peak rates, as they want to get rid of the cold weather of their locations. Tourists should not fail to spot gorgeous sites of Saint Lucia like Castries, Marigot Bay, Pigeon Island, Rodney Bay, Soufrire and Vieux Fort.

The most developed part of the island is Castries, which is the capital of Saint Lucia. The town of Castries has been twice destroyed by fire, and has lost its original architecture. There is an interesting mix of historical architecture, and modern buildings due to rebuilding. Visitors will find plenty of shopping spots in Castries. There are many duty free shops at Pointe Seraphine for tourists. There are street markets in Castries, where local vendors sell crafts, and fruits.

There is a small village of marigot on the south of Castries. It is very well known for sailing, yachting, and for romantic sites. Accommodation is very expensive due to charming surroundings. The greatest attraction is that marigot bay has been featured in many movies as well.

In the north of Castries is Pigeon Island; it is a historical site. It served as a base for the U.S Military during World War 2. National Historic Park of the Pigeon Island is a very famous destination among the tourists. Beyond the history, tourists can enjoy the beaches of the Pigeons Island.

Soufrire is located on the south western coast of Saint Lucia. It is the oldest town in Saint Lucia. If tourists want to have a taste of French colonial architecture then Soufrire is the place to be. The waterfront of this town is very picturesque and draws attention of the tourists. Soufrire has everything, from beautiful beaches to gigantic mountains. For the adventurous travellers, it is the perfect destination.

A visit to Vieux Fort is mandatory for the tourists who are interested in eco-tourism; one of the key attractions of this area is the Maria Islands Nature Reserve. The Reserve is a magnificent place to observe local wildlife, as tourists get an opportunity to see rare species of animals, and reptiles of the Caribbean.

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Things To See On Your Holidays To Saint Helena

St. Helena Island is the only Island with a holy name in Moreton bay. This island anchors a sorrow past and has a name of being a colonial prison. Unlike the other vivacious tourist spots Queensland St. Helena Island bring tears rolling down the cheeks to see the sufferings of the prisoners.

It is located 4 kilometres from the mouth of Brisbane River. St. Helena Island is one of the most historic places that has preserved the national park, the first of its type in Queensland. This Island is also known as the Hell hole of the pacific and the Queensland inferno.

The highlight of St. Helena Island tour is the Ghost tour where the tourists enjoy the tour of St. Helena during the night. The ranger led tours at weekends and on public holidays are also a tourist attraction.

Not just this, the island caters to the desires of all the tourists from a quiet river stroll to sky diving. Towards the north of Moreton island lays the Aarhus dive site. It is 50 meters long. The entry in to dive site is free.

The Alma park zoo in Brisbane city is filled with exotic and endangered animals and is a place well worth visiting at St. Helena Island. The Fortitude valley at Brisbane city is known to have one of a kind fashion. Visitors rush to this area as it offers free entry to the tourists.

The Anzac square War memorial at Brisbane City is very unique for its ideally set peaceful surroundings. The entry is free for all the tourists. The Araucaria Eco tours offers Australia’s most comprehensive zoologist designed wild life tours and entry to them is very reasonably priced.

For the tourists comfort there are many restaurants that offer a perfect place by providing intimate dinner parties, cocktail bars, a la carte dinners and a lot more to make the tourists stay comfortable and entertaining. There are also many car hire companies that offer the tourists an easy way to get around the country.

In addition to this there are also tours available that can be booked and enable you to spend a three hours relaxing visit to all the culturally significant areas of the St. Helena Island. The local airline assists the tours with its 24 hour service.

In a nutshell, the tourist spots of St. Helena Island are pretty attractive to entice the visitors with its variety of activities and commutation support to the visitors. Travelling not only entertains but it can also be educational and an eye opener to various hidden facts. With all the sites and attraction St. Helena Island is worth visiting.

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Visiting Mont Saint Michel Island To Enjoy France Holidays

Mont Saint-Michel is among France’s most remembered sights and a UNESCO heritage site experienced by in excess of 3 million people annually. It’s a tiny stony island about one kilometre from the French north coast of Normandy. During sixth and seventh centuries it was utilised as a military stronghold for British and Roman troops. Many overseas visitors who sail to the country by reserving Dover ferries visit Mont Saint-Michel to enjoy their holidays. The constructions of Mont St. Michel are created of granite, but there is some limestone within the cloister. It was constructed as a medieval castle and has 2 huge towers to safeguard the doorway to the castle. Its genuine granite and it is so hard which has refused the passage of time.

Mont-Saint-Michel was protected at extremely high tide and disclose at low tide, granting the mount a magical value. At the access of this medieval village is the old Burgher’s Guardroom, which now serves as the Tourist Office. After checking the Boulevard Gate and the fortified King’s Gate, you will see the “Grande Rue” or main path having its museums, stores and residences dating from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Take a ferry to France during your holidays to enjoy a vacation in Saint-Michel.

Its points of interest are several. The Saint Michel statue at the top of town provides an amazing and quite stunning view. There are numerous ways of getting to Saint Michel. You may get there by aircraft, by vehicle or by train. By using TGV is the best approach to get in far less time to the island. The place itself is great to journey through a history that time doesn’t allow us to live. The Mass is also rejoiced several days of weeks, and this is often a chance of observing a religious trust. The sights which are worth an outing are the medieval village, the Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel, the parish church, the bay, the Notre-Dame Sous Terre chapel, stores, monastery and museums.

The primary attraction for Mont St-Michel is the Gothic Abbey, suspended at the top of the island. The abbey is an exceptional monument, constructed on three floors, restricted by the pyramidal form of the rock. The 80 meters long abbey cathedral is located at the top, rises on crypts that create the appropriate platform. For hundreds of years, pilgrims travelled here from all over Europe Continent to visit this Gothic abbey. Now, it’s a church and also a museum. The abbey might be best searched on a guided tour. The guide will explain all information and backgrounds on the different rooms and halls, as well as an awesome description of the past of Le Mont Saint Michel. You can enjoy a vacation of the abbey and also visit the island’s museums, which includes a history museum as well as a maritime museum.

The author is an eminent analyst and writer in travel & tourism related topics. He travels gently and tends to prefer traveling. He has written many articles on tour guide for cheap ferries and Cross channel ferries in UK.

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Holidays in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The island country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is situated near the Caribbean Sea. The area of this island is 389 square kilometres and consists of the main island Saint Vincent and the one third of the island Grenadines. The history of the country consists of French and British colonies and is now considered part of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Saint Vincent and Grenadines is considered a popular tourist destination because it is home to some of the most beautiful resorts and beaches. There are numerous places to tour and enjoy making this country a popular holiday destination. The most popular tourist attraction here is Saint Vincent. This spot is surrounded by beaches and water and is a heavenly place to visit. The beaches of Grenadines are the most famous and many tourists chose to experience them.

The second important place in Saint Vincent and Grenadines is Bequia. Whaling, fishing and shipbuilding are considered the integral life of Bequia. Port
Elizabeth located at the edge of Admiralty Bay offer an exotic view of great sceneries and anchor drops. The boats on the bay, resorts and restaurants are just some of the popular places of interest for tourists.

The third place of interest while holidaying in this country is the Mesopotamia Valley. This valley is filled up with luxuriant and evergreen tropical crop and offers striking scenic views for the tourists. This island is known as the Island of breakfast because this place has lots of bananas, nuts, breadfruit, coconut and cocoa. It is truly a blissful atmosphere listening to the sounds of trickling streams and the fast flowing rivers.

The fourth important place is the Montreal Gardens in the city of Saint Vincent and Grenadines. This garden is situated in the mountains above the Mesopotamia valley and has volcanic fertility and frequent rainfalls. This garden provides an exotic view of flowers, spices and green plants with a wonderful cool and misty environment. The garden is opened to the tourists and public during the week. December and August is considered as the flower season in the Montreal gardens.

The final important place is the La Soufriere. This place has the existence of great volcanoes and is situated on the northern side of the Saint Vincent Island. This volcano rises to above 4000 feet above ground level and during April 1979 the volcano had its last eruption. The name Soufriere is taken from the French language and it involves the rigorous mounting of volcano. Mountain hiking is considered as the main event here and the windward coast of the island creates an exclusive excursion for the tourists visiting.

There is a lot more to see in Saint Vincent and Grenadines, it has many more tourist attractions to experience and enjoy.

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What To See While On Your Holidays in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is an ideal family holiday destination with its plethora of pristine beaches and amazingly beautiful scenic tourist spots on offer, it is a great place to relax and unwind after the maddening pace of life these days. Saint Lucia is especially popular with people interested in the bounty of nature. There are some beautiful walking trails in the dense rainforest. Wildlife enthusiasts love the fact that here they can see different species of birds and other animals in their natural habitat.

Soufriere is Saint Lucia’s oldest town. The town was named this by the French as the air here often smells distinctly of sulphur due to its closeness to the Soufriere volcano. The town has extremely fertile land all around it, because of this the foliage and the rain forest surrounding this town are breathtaking. It can be reached by driving down from Castries. The road leading to this place is worth travelling with the awe inspiring flora and fauna bordering it. This town has the world’s only drive in volcano. Although the volcano can in no ways be termed scenic with mounds of stinking morass and the empowering smell of sulphur all around. Still it is definitely worth a trip for its uniqueness factor alone. Nowhere else in the world could you actually drive right into a volcano. A humbling experience!

These Diamond Falls are situated inland from the town of Soufriere. They originated in the area close to the volcano and have an abundance of naturally occurring minerals in their waters. These minerals are considered extremely therapeutic with amazing healing qualities. It is said that the French King in the olden days had baths built in this area for the health and well being of his troops. The minerals are supposedly great for treating rheumatism as well. The falls are surrounded by breathtaking tropical gardens. The flip side is the admission price to this place. It’s a little on the steep side but trust me, you’ll find the place well worth the expense.

The Island of Fregate lies offshore of Saint Lucia, it is a must see for all the bird watching enthusiasts. It has some native species of birds like the Saint Lucia parrot, Saint Lucia wren, Saint Lucia oriole, Saint Lucia peewee and the majestic white breasted thrasher. If you get to see all of them then you can consider yourself really lucky but even a glimpse of some of these elegant creatures is worth the effort.

Pigeon Island National Park is another major tourist attraction. The Island is situated in a mountainous region consisting mainly of forests and a smattering of beautifully maintained lawns. It has a number of historic barracks and some old stone ramparts. These are mostly in ruins, although effort has been made to restore a few of them. One such restored building houses a welcoming beach bar named Jambe de Bois. The island has a museum which illustrates all of its history.

Laborie is a rustic coastal fishing village in the south west. It is a tranquil place with a light protected beach ideal for relaxing. A great place to just laze about and let yourself unwind.

Saint Lucia is becoming very popular with holiday makers going on a family holiday and staying in holiday home rentals. There are some great luxury holiday villas with swimming pools and self catering holiday apartments to rent on Saint Lucia.

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What To See While On Your Holidays In Saint Pierre

Saint Pierre is a French settlement site in North America from the 17th century and these people returned to France in 1763 after the war. Saint Pierre and Miquelon is a perfect place for holidaying and fishing. When going to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, make sure you pack your camera!

There are some great places to see and fantastic sites to visit. The Government District is a political and administration building of Saint Pierre, located in and around the church square. This building is open only for a selected few and not for the general public. The War Memorial is for remembering the sacrifices made in both the world wars. It’s always open for all visitors.

The Galantry Lighthouse was built in the 1800’s, but was demolished in 1978 from Galantry Hill because of it’s height as it was posing a problem for the approaching aircraft. The new Galantry Lighthouse is very high and can be seen from more than 15 miles away. It rapidly makes a fog horn sound that is also an attraction for the tourists.

Want to get refreshed in Saint Pierre, then you need to go to the Les Salines Fishing Station, built by the government. The atmosphere is very colourful and refreshing out here. Here you can see the local fishing culture and the old economic lifestyle.

Saint-Pierre’s Cathedral was rebuilt in its original location in 1907 after it was burned down by a fire. Saint-Pierre’s Cathedral windows are decorated with glasses over 100 years old, which were given by Charles de Gaulle in 1967. In 1975 this steeple was rebuilt with sandstone from Alsace, Rhyolite and France from Saint-Pierre. People celebrate Bastille Day as a festival in Charles de Gaulle Square and get merry on this day with food, music and wine. The Charles de Gaulle Square is in the inner harbour of Saint Pierre.

Hundreds of Acadian families have taken refuge in this town from 1755. The Town of Miquelon is famous for its history and heritage as well as its naturally developed landmarks. A beautiful Miquelon wooden church stands in the middle of Miquelon, which is completely built by wood and is more than 100 years old. Cap is the North point of Miquelon, surrounded by extremely incredible wild nature. A perfect and beautiful place for fresh air and is also ideal for those people who want to fall in love with wildlife.

Heritage is very beautiful and is located in Saint Pierre. It contains a large collection of artefacts belonging to the 19th and 20th century. A seafood festival is organized by the people of Miquel once a year in August. The festival attracts a lot of visitors who come and they enjoy the extensive range of sea-food offered, prepared in various styles.

Saint Pierre is now popular amongst holiday makers staying in a holiday home rental. Villas with swimming pools and self catering holiday apartments are now available to rent in Saint Pierre.

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What To See While On Your Holidays in Saint Martin

Saint Martin is known as an overseas collectivity of France situated in the Caribbean. Saint Martin came into existence on 22nd February, 2007 comprising of the northern parts of the island of Saint Martin. The southern part of the island is covered by the Netherlands Antilles. Saint Martin was under the control of French commune for many years and became an overseas region in the European Union.

Saint Martin is popular with tourists who come on holiday to sight see, this place is famous for the beautiful sceneries and attractive tourist spots. This country is filled with resorts and from the beaches you will often see elegant and magnificent views of the country. There are several other places to see when holidaying in Saint Martin. The first important place for holidaying in this country is Greater Philsburg in the southeast.

Philsburg is the capital of the Dutch and the town is situated at the edge of the land disconnecting the Great Bay and Great salt pond. The streets of Philsburg are decked with beautiful shops, boutiques, casinos, restaurants and government buildings. The town is filled with lots of places and things to enjoy and is considered the most popular tourist spot.

Another popular place is the Great Marigot. The appearance of the Marigot is impressive. The appearance of this town is colonial and gingerbread, creole houses are what make this town so special. This place is decked with elegant, tropical touch and Mediterranean liveliness. This town offers open restaurants, chic boutiques, cafe areas and many more recreational areas for the visitors. Wednesday and Saturday are the market days in Marigot, tourists flock here to try and find themselves a bargain.

The third important place in Saint Martin is the Sint of West Maarten. It is situated near the Sandy Grounds and the Nettle Bay. Caribbean Sea and the Simpson bay Lagoons are considered as the important tourist spot in this place. The scenic roads allow you to travel through the Lowlands and the Terres Basses. Terres Basses is the famous residential area consisting of private villas and bungalows, some owners rent these villas out throughout the year. This is considered as the perfect holidaying tourist spot.

The fourth popular tourist spot in this country is the airport area. The name of the airport is Princess Juliana International airport. The airport is constructed behind Simpson bay and this provides perfect scenes to watch the jets landing and taking off in the sky. The airport provides a view of lagoons, sea and hills and tourists can stay near to the airport and take in these magnificent sights.

The final place to visit in Saint Martin is the Northwest and Center. This area provides a boasting view of Anse Marcel where there are some fine restaurants and the marina. This place offers a scenic view of hills, calm waters, family beaches, chain of restaurants, shops and many others. Tourists can enjoy a calm and peaceful summer holiday.

The Saint Martin in France is considered a wonderful and fascinating tourist spot with its beautiful beaches, lagoons, and hills it is considered an ideal family holiday destination.

Many holiday makers now go on a family holiday to Saint Martin and stay in holiday home rentals. Luxury holiday villas with swimming pools and self catering holiday apartments are now available to rent on Saint Martin.

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Things To See On Your Holidays In Saint Kitts and Nevis

The country Saint Kitts and Nevis is also known as the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis. Saint Kitts and Nevis is situated in the Leeward Islands in the West Indies and it is known as the federal two island nation.

This country is considered as the smallest nation of the area and the lowest populated country in the United States of America. During the British reign this country was known as the Saint Christopher Nevis Anguilla. Saint Kitts and Nevis are termed as the first islands for the Europeans and the British. The 2007 Cricket World cup was held here in Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Saint Kitts and Nevis is a wonderful tourist spot and it provides a great atmosphere for tourists and visitors. This country has many tourist spots and provides great views of scenery and greenly atmosphere. The most popular place for holidaying in this country is the Old Road Bay. Europeans were the first permanent settlers in the Leeward Islands. Cultivation of sugar and tobacco is considered as the main harvests. Outskirts of old road bay is filled with a number of Carib Petoglyphs.

The second important place in this country is the Sandy Point. This place is considered as the second largest place in the country. It is known as the centre for the tobacco trade and the tobacco warehouses constructed by the Dutch West India Company, this is a great attraction for the tourists and visitors of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Third important place to see in Saint Kitts and Nevis is the Frigate Bay Peninsula. The structure of the Frigate Bay Peninsula is like the neck of an upside down wine bottle. The main city of Saint Kitts is connected to the widened edge of the South east Peninsula. The other side of the frigate bay is filled with white sandy beaches of calm and clear Caribbean waters. The North part of the Frigate bay is met with the windward beach of the Atlantic surf. This place offers a great sight to the tourists and visitors where you can sit back and relax.

The next important place is the Wingfield Estate and Petoglyphs. This place was acquired by the European navigators hundreds of years ago. This place is filled with ancient histories of the island like the pre-Columbian history and petorglyphic symbols. This place has the existence of a volcanic peak which stands at a height of 3792 feet known as Mount Misery.

The fifth important place is the Saint Thomas Church. This church is termed as the modest church of the area. The leading statue of Thomas Warner is embellished in the church during the colonial history of the island. This church is termed as a memorial place and provides attractive objects. Saint Thomas Church is located in the middle of the Saint Kitts and Nevis country. This place is known as the first European village in this country.

Saint Kitts and Nevis has many more places to visit and offers a calm and peaceful place for the people holidaying in this country. This country is becoming more and more popular for tourists from around the world.

Holiday makers to Saint Kitts and Nevis like to stay in holiday home rentals. There are some great holiday villas with swimming pools available to rent as holiday homes.

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