What You Did Not Know About Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest retail days in the calendar. In 2006, the average American spent around US$ 100 on his or her significant other, totalling $ 13.70 billion. Men typically spend about twice as much as women (in 2006 $ 135.67 and $ 68.64 respectively), mostly on cards, chocolates, flowers, and dinner at a swish restaurant. Approximately 180 million cards are exchanged industry-wide a year(excluding packaged kids’ valentines for classroom exchanges), making Valentine’s Day the second largest holiday for giving greeting cards, according to Hallmark.

The history of the tradition of dedicating the middle of February to love is complicated. The ancient Greeks dedicated that time to the rather passionate marriage of their prime gods, Zeus and Hera. In ancient Rome, on February 15, young nobles celebrated the Lupercalia which was regarded as a happy festival of purification and fertility with wild sensual dances and participants running through the streets naked striking passers-by. Apparently noble women would get in their way on purpose, because they believed that it would help with childbirth and cure barrenness.

This style of celebration proved a little too rowdy for the Christian emperors and at the end of the fifth century Pope Gelasius abolished the Lupercalia and replaced it with a festival to honour Valentine the patron saint of Lovers. Pope Galasius wisely adopted the old date for a more sedate version of a love-celebration – thus facilitating its acceptance among pagans.

He declared 14 February to be the feast of Saint Valentine. However which Saint Valentine the Pope meant to honour is not clear. Historically it is believed to be Valentine, bishop of Terni in Italy of 197 AD. He was killed during Emperor Aurelian’s persecutions of Christians. It is believed by some historians that he could be one and the same as Valentine of Rome, a priest and doctor who treated the poor for free. This Valentine was martyred around 269 AD for helping imprisoned Christians. While in prison he converted his jailer by restoring sight to the jailer’s daughter.

But as popular masses have a mind of their own and do not follow orders well, they chose their own Saint Valentine. During the middle ages, Valentinius of Alexandria, the ancient Egyptian city (c. 100-153) was the the most popular. He was destined for papacy, but his Gnostic preaching, and his emphasis on love in the bridal chamber, ruined his chances. Albiet his preachings made him an attractive candidate for a romantic Valentine’s Day Saint.

The romantic Valentine tradition really took off in the 14th century, when courtly love was all the rage at the royal courts and it has proved immensely popular ever since.

It is interesting to note that the old Roman Catholic Calendar of Saints lists 11 Saint Valentine’s Days, but in 1969 all of these were scrapped as historically insufficient. So when you are looking at your credit card statements in March pondering how your balance jumped so high, just take a moment to thank your lucky stars that there are not 11 Saint Valentine’s Days.

This February, a famous landmark with a romantic history could provide the perfect location for a Valentines Day break. The Loire Valley in France fits the bill perfectly and you will not have to remortgage your home to pay your your romantic getaway.

It is said that “The Loire Valley is a Queen and the King loved her”. The Loire Valley conjures up imagines of fairytale chateaux with turrets, topiary and tapestries and fine wines accompanying great food. To visit the Chateaux of the Loire is to take a romantic step back in time to past centuries of French aristocratic life. The winding Loire River cuts through the land of castles deep in France’s heart. No other stretch of Loire River can boast so many royal residences, with over 120 fairytale castles and mansions lining the river bordered by vineyards.

Royalty and nobility built chateaux in this valley during the French Renaissance, and an era of pomp reigned until Henri IV moved his court to Paris. The Loire is blessed with attractions, from medieval, Renaissance, and classical chateaux to Romanesque and Gothic churches to treasures like the Apocalypse Tapestries.

The best way to enjoy the Loire Valley especially for Valentine’s Day is to not just visit historic chateaux but to stay in a chateau and to experience the grandeur yourself. You will not be disappointed for the cost of a little more than a boring old hotel room you can have a palatial suite in a renaissance castle with a canopied bed fit for a king. There are many chateau in the Loire Valley now available for lodging ranging from huge more pricey chateau hotels with Michelin starred restaurants to smaller intimate homely chateaux which are run as upmarket bed and breakfasts where you may be one of only six parties staying at the chateau. For the cost of two dozen long-stemmed red roses, a box of chocolates and a fancy dinner at an expensive restaurant in England or America, you could stay in an amazing chateau in the Loire Valley for three nights and feel like royalty. What is more in February you will avoid all the tourist rush at the historic chateaux and you can snuggle up with your love in front of a roaring fire.

Corina Clemence runs romantic Chateau du Guerinet, near Blois a luxury chateau for up to 15 people perfect for a Valentine’s Day getaway. Rent a castle in France http://www.loirechateau.com rent a french chateau

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Us Gold Bureau Investors Know Understanding The 1933 Saint Is A Smart Idea

Collectors at sites like US Gold Bureau know that there are all sorts of coins out there, but the special coins are the most fascinating and this is why they are so sought after. The 1933 Saint coin is a premiere example of this and one of the most sought after coins the United States has produced to date. For those that understand the kind of precious metals the United States Gold Bureau offers, having a coin like this serves a double benefit because it is a beautiful piece of history as well as an item with an intrinsic value since it does contain gold. Due to the many advantages of gold as an investment asset, collectors experience a double thrill when they locate a coin anywhere near this rare.The full name of the 1933 Saint that so many United States Gold Bureau collectors admire is The 1933 Saint Guardens Double Eagle gold coin. The name comes from sculptor Augustus Saing Guardens who created the design for the coin.

Many of those who turn to US Gold Bureau for their investment needs know that a coin like this is worth far more than its $ 20 face value. In fact, in 2002 one of these coins ended up selling for well over $ 7.5 million via an auction. The only reason this coin can be seen today is because it was actually illegally stored and traded.That’s right, even though this coin that was commissioned by former President Teddy Roosevelt to create a more passionate and inspiring coin was much loved by Americans, it would be the next Roosevelt president, FDR who ended its production and circulation. In the midst of the Great Depression, the population of the United States was ordered to turn in all gold coins and production of them ceased. Savvy U.S. Gold Bureau investors understand these hard times ended up severely reducing the number of coins available today and dramatically increased their current value.The coins taken in by the US government were to be melted and most were. Others were later seized by the government as illegal property. Collectors at sites like U.S. Gold Bureau realize this is all part of the coin’s unique history. Because only one has survived for nearly three quarters of a century, the value of that single existing coin has gone through the roof. It is part of what makes it such a fascinating coin to study.

As a part of American history, the 1933 Saint gold coin is definitely one that is going to be talked about for many decades to come. The beauty of its design, its unique story and incredible monetary value make it one of the most spell binding of coins out there. While only one is known to exist today, it is certainly possible that more could have slipped through the cracks to be revealed many years from now. By studying and understanding how coins are valued and what makes them special, both collectors and investors alike are better able to estimate the value of coin offers they come across.

Jim Hourky is a US Gold Bureau and numismatics writer who posts to many premiere blogs. He enjoys biking and skating when not writing.

What Parents Should Know About Calvary Christian School

If you are looking for a school that has Christian values as well as one that can give your kid a great start in life, then you have come to the right spot. Here at Calvary Christian School, you can find that we are geared to do many things for you and your child. Keep reading to learn all the things you should know about us.

The main mission of this school is to help your child learn about God and then to use the Bible to become wise in what the Lord gives and does. They will help you give your child a spiritual upbringing both at home and away. All the while, they work to ensure that your child gets challenged academically.

Other things you will find that you will love about this school is that they have some of the finest teachers that you could ever go and hire. These teachers are dedicated to their job. The other thing about this is that they share the same belief that Jesus is Lord of all as your child and your family. This is all good to know. Each teacher has a Bachelors degree as well which puts them at a higher level.

The one thing that other schools do not have is the one on one attention. They are running out of room to seat all the students. We like to know what sort of education this is. Here, kids get the attention of the teachers and there is a decent amount of students per every teacher so that the teacher can divide his or her time.

Other things you might find is that there are many schools that have cut their music programs. We refuse to do this. Many children find music as their outlet. We cannot deny them this and that is why we have a fully functional music program.

Sports are something else our school takes pride in. There are many to choose from so if you have a child that loves to play, they can play for us if they make the team. That is something that many other schools are cutting funding from. However, we are not.

When you find this, you find that these reasons alone are good enough for many of you. We give your child things that many other schools cannot. The times are changing, but our times are changing for the better.

Want to find a good school that is solid in what they teach? Get exclusive inside information on Calvary Christian School now in our complete guide to everything you need to know about Calvary Christian tuition.

Need to Know Information on Bankruptcy Filing

Recovering from a debt is indeed hard but not impossible. With the help of right knowledge of lawful procedures along with right patience and fortitude, repaying debt becomes considerably easy. If you are one of the debtor, you must know about all your rights and processes in cases where you are not in state to repay the debt. Most of the people are generally not aware of their rights and end up in losing much more than their debt and their career as well.

All about Chapter 13…

There are certain laws designed by the government to relieve the debtors on the occasions where they are not able to repay their debts. Chapter 13 Florida covers the guidelines to prevent liquidation of the assets and is more of “reorganization” in which the debtor proposes a repayment plan of 3-5 years to the creditor.

By filing bankruptcy under Chapter 13, the debtor is believed to repay all the debts from his future income and can prevent his assets such as foreclosure of the property, car and other mortgage payments. Interests on tax debts can also be impeded. If the debtor meets all the terms of repayment till the end of the proposed plan that is generally 3-5 years, he is then exempted of all the remaining dischargeable debt.

The amount to be repaid by debtor primarily depends on his throwaway income and several other factors. The entire amount to be paid to the creditors should at least match the amount they would have received if case was filed under Chapter 7 of bankruptcy.

One of the eligibilities of being able to file under chapter 13 is that the debtor should have some source of regular income and some funds to be able to apply for Chapter 13 repayment plan. Filing under this law is beneficial if the debtor wishes to repossess their assets. The debtors can then effectively make up to their missed payments and can sort off reinitiate the actual agreement.

For this reason Chapter 13 is also termed as reorganization and chapter 7 as liquidation. However for other cases where the individual just wish to confiscate the liability of debt, Chapter 7 can be a good choice.

How exactly chapter 7 and 13 differ…

The major difference between the two is basically their time periods. A chapter 7 case lasts for a duration of 3-4 months, whereas Chapter 13 Florida on an average takes around 3-5 years. Even though most of cases filed in florida are under chapter 7 yet here are some of the obvious benefits that why you should prefer chapter 13 over 7.
Aside from preventing the assets, this law can considerably reduce your secured debts to a newer value as per the security. Moreover you can also get relieved from the dischargeable debt such as liability of repaying because of divorce or separation agreement.

Being in debt is one of the terrible situations yet one can easily find their way out with the awareness of certain bankruptcy laws. To learn more about chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Florida laws, visit www.filebankruptcyflorida.com.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Information That You Should Always Know About

There are a few critical details to study when it comes to bankruptcy law and that whole matter, particularly if you are someone that is considering going thru and filing for bankruptcy yourself. The more that you will find out about Chapter 13 bankruptcy information the better off you are going to be in the future.

You have to never get yourself into something you aren’t completely sure about, especially when it comes to something as major as filing for bankruptcy. Here is some of the most vital Chapter thirteen bankruptcy info that you should be learning more about.

The Details

When it comes to Chapter thirteen bankruptcy info, one of the most significant things for you to understand is that it’s also known as a wage earner’s plan. This Chapter thirteen bankruptcy information means you are able to get helped if you are an individual with a steady revenues and you are looking to develop a scheme to replay some or all your dues.

See there are various sorts of bankruptcy that you can file for, which is the reason why it is so crucial to make certain that you take the time to learn up on stuff like Chapter thirteen bankruptcy info, so you can ensure that you’re going thru and filing for the decent thing. There are some great benefits that are offered to people who are filing for Chapter thirteen bankruptcy.

For one with this kind of bankruptcy, vs Chapter seven bankruptcy as an example, you’ve got the chance to save your houses from foreclosure. You are also going to make sure that you are aware of how it all works and know what you are getting yourself into before agreeing on anything. You are also making certain that you are conscious of how it all works and know what you are getting yourself into before agreeing on anything.

Now there are bankruptcy lawyers, and these are pro lawyers who concentrate on the area of bankruptcy and who are going to be in a position to really help you out here.

The very last thing that you’re going to need to do here is make a howler, and so with a barrister by your side you know that you’re going to making the complete process go as smoothly as possible.

There are many more reviews about powerful debt free systems, that you can check out. Also check out on information on the bankruptcy information that you must know and remember.

Find out all about the ultimate debt guide. Bai Zijian’s website talks more about chapter 13 bankruptcy information in detail and has tips on how to handle with it.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Law That You Must Absolutely Know About The Ramifications

Bankruptcy offers hope to those people who have been snowed under by non-payable debt and who want to have a bonafide solution to their issues. Having debt that are non-payable frequently leads to deeply major issues and wants being handled scrupulously and in the right way. Filing for bankruptcy will help you out as it offers a chance to make a fresh starting in life. Lately there were some changes that have taken place regarding chapter 7 bankruptcy laws and so if you are planning to use Chapter seven Bankruptcy it pays to appreciate these changes and know what impact the changes have on your capability to file for Chapter seven bankruptcy.

Discharge Your Debts

Chapter seven bankruptcies is a good means for an individual to discharge their liabilities though with the changes that have taken place per chapter 7 bankruptcy law you should now, in case you plan on filing for Chapter seven bankruptcy, prove that you are incapable of paying back your obligations. The way that you have to prove your inability to pay off your debts is through taking a test known as means test.

The means test takes into account the candidate’s present revenue as too their costs and then sees how much the applicant is snowed under. When the income of the applicant is less than their states median income then the chapter 7 bankruptcy law works in your favor. However, in case your revenue is higher than the state median income then the chapter 7 bankruptcy law will force you into hiring an attorney to sort things out.

The good stories however is that without reference to changes that have been made to chapter 7 bankruptcy laws possibilities is great the majority will still qualify for declaring Chapter seven bankruptcy.

To make sure that you don’t violate chapter 7 bankruptcy laws it does however pay to think about hiring a Chapter seven bankruptcy attorney to handle your case. With the changes that have modified chapter 7 bankruptcy laws it is required that an expert handle the filing of Chapter 7 bankruptcy because now the Chapter 7 bankruptcy laws became more complex which an ordinary person may not be in a position to realize all alone. Even judges are having issues in translating the new chapter 7 bankruptcy laws! Per understanding Fed.

In regard to understanding federal bankruptcy law; though these laws are applicable throughout the country individual states have their own guidelines that govern how to handle bankruptcies in the state.

Find out all about diy loans. Bai Zijian’s website talks more about chapter 7 bankruptcy law in detail and has tips on how to handle with it.

Getting help from cheap bankruptcy lawyers- What you need to know

The process of filing for bankruptcy is in itself a very complicated one. You will fill in a lot of paperwork and submit lots of documents to prove your case. Working with an experienced attorney helps you to do things right from the beginning and increase your chances of having the case accepted in court. But even before you contact your lawyer, there are certain basics you ought to know.

Understand the alternatives available

Bankruptcy should be your last resort. Your lawyer can help you think through other options that are available for someone in your situation. Cheap bankruptcy lawyers are able to negotiate with creditors so that they can accept a certain percentage of their money directly from the debtor instead of going through the bankruptcy process, which in most cases they are likely to recover very little money.

The attorney can also advice you on how to reduce your debts. He/she should be able to explain in detail the options you have instead of pushing you to file for bankruptcy. At the end of the day, you should be able to get out of debt without spending a lot of money and a bankruptcy attorney can provide alternatives to help you achieve this.

Filing for bankruptcy on your own

This is one of the bankruptcy blunders many people make only for them to realize when it’s almost too late. The law allows you to file for bankruptcy on your own but it’s up to you to ensure that everything was done appropriately. Many people who have opted to file for bankruptcy without the help of a lawyer have ended up missing out on very critical steps that cost them a lot.

The entire process is just too complicated to handle on your own. What most people don’t realize is that, filings that have been done erroneously will be more expensive to hire a lawyer to come in and correct as opposed to someone who chose to work with a bankruptcy attorney from the start.

Ways to get cheap bankruptcy lawyers

There are many bankruptcy attorneys that provide their services for a lot less. When looking for a lawyer online make sure you visit their website and find out how long they have been filing bankruptcy cases for clients. Lawyers who are specialists in the field are able to provide a better service. You can choose between a small law firm and a larger one depending on what works for you.

Remember that even though small law firms that handle bankruptcy cases may have less experienced attorneys, they are more likely to be hands on throughput the process compared to larger law firms. Just make sure the lawyer who is appointed to handle your case is not overworked and can dedicate ample time to the process.

If you are facing foreclosure, then it’s important to find an attorney who has experience in such cases. Foreclosure lawyers are trained on how to handle the unique nature of such cases and hence will provide a better service.

Final thought

Set up an appointment with your bankruptcy attorney and let him/her advice on the way forward. You will be able to see the level of support the attorney is able to provide from the initial meeting. Your attorney should be someone who is easy to communicate to so that he/she can help you make the best choice.

Filing for bankruptcy can be an effective way to get out of debts that you cannot pay back. However, you can always recover and make the whole process a thing of the past.

Foreclosure lawyers are trained on how to handle the unique nature of such cases and hence will provide a better service. Know more about cheap bankruptcy lawyers.

Personal Bankruptcy: Know Whether To Choose Chapter Seven Or Chapter Thirteen

Bankruptcy laws in the United States are made to ensure the interests of the borrower are safeguarded, and are formed by the federal government and addressed accordingly by various US Bankruptcy Courts, and it is believed that each year as many as one million Americans go bankrupt and are found filing for bankruptcy. Most of these individuals that file for bankruptcy do so under different personal bankruptcy laws that include chapter thirteen and also chapter 7, and in a few instances, they can even qualify for chapter twelve, especially if they are anglers or farmers and business is owned by the family.

Filing Under Chapter Seven

You can file personal bankruptcy and at the same time do so under chapter seven in which case it is necessary for you to provide a list of all your assets to the court and also have to assign a trustee who will liquidate items in order to pay off creditors. Furthermore, filing personal bankruptcy is allowed once in seven years and the cost of filing personal bankruptcy is approximately three hundred dollars which goes towards filing fee.

If you plan on filing personal bankruptcy under chapter thirteen, it will help in reducing your debt though unlike chapter seven, does not cancel out your debt. And, chapter thirteen personal bankruptcies also means having to set out a plan for repayment with creditors and courts and assigning trustee who will make monthly payments after paying them the money. The trustee will receive payments from you and apportion them to various creditors, and an advantage to using chapter thirteen for filing personal bankruptcy is that unlike in chapter seven, under this chapter you may hold on to everything that would have been lost under chapter seven.

However, both these types of personal bankruptcy allows the debtor to rid him or herself of debts, though remember when filing chapter thirteen bankruptcy, you need to have debt that is not more than two hundred fifty thousand dollars and that such debt is unsecured, while debts that are secured should not exceed seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

The bottom line is that before filing for personal bankruptcy, makes sure to know what the ramifications of different chapters are and in most instances it may be better to file for chapter thirteen instead of chapter seven as the latter shows that you are a person that does not pay your debts.

You can find many more Bankruptcy related articles at Bankruptcy Marketing

For all your Bankruptcy needs, please visit http://www.need-bankruptcy-info.com

Everything You Should Know About a Real Estate Appraiser in Florida

Whether it is for investment or for personal use, when purchasing a property is on your priority, all you need to do is hire a Real Estate Appraiser in Florida. If you are buying under a home loan or by the courtesy of a union, you will definitely need a real estate appraisal. As only after seeing the clear picture of the property, they will reimburse the money. The reason behind this is that the money provider wants to have the reassurance that the property is arranged.

The appraiser makes sure that the financial institution provides you an amount that is equal or more than the price of the property; failing which you may require dropping the deal. The Appraisal saves the deal. If a financial institution is not involved, you will still need a real estate appraiser as they have the right skills to arrange you a property in a reasonable price.

If the appraiser is not competent enough, you may not get the best money arrangement or property, so it is crucial that the real estate appraiser understands his job well. An ideal real estate appraiser does a Collateral Valuations Service in Florida and only after that thinks of an amount to arrange from a bank or any other money lending device. A smart appraiser also keeps the estimation of cost of replacement into account. He should have a good knowledge of every legal procedure involved in the buying and selling of property. These are important details that should be in a Property appraiser and it is important that he takes care of all these little details precisely.

Many states in America have a law that a real estate appraiser should have a license in real estate and a fair share of experience in the field as a realtor. If your state does not have such a requirement, it is a good excuse to build their experience and work as a real estate agent for a while.

Appraisers and agents are very similar in the nature of their jobs; both of them specialize in a certain type of property. Some of them arrange commercial properties and commercial loans while on the other type, both of them arrange home loans and residential properties. Apart from the two basic types, there is another real estate appraiser who deals in high end properties such as bungalows and penthouses.

The Author is a real estate agent and while at work he meets Appraisers everyday and understands the job nature of an Appraiser. Sometimes he writes about Real Estate Appraiser in Florida and Collateral Valuations Service in Florida.

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