The Earth Mass Featuring Paul Winter

Paul Winter is a renowned saxophonist, composer and leader of the Paul Winter Consort. He is an artist in residence at New York’s Cathedral of Saint John the Divine and the co-creator of the Earth Mass or Missa Gaia.

Paul Winter’s music has embraced the traditions of jazz, bossa nova, world and earth music. He has won 6 Grammy Awards, most recently Best New Age Album of 2007 for “Crestone: A Celebration of the World of Crestone”. Much of Paul Winter’s music has been recorded in natural environments such as mountains and deserts and incorporates the natural atmospheric sounds of those places.

Paul studied at the Northwestern University, having moved from his home town of Altoona, Pennsylvania. It was here in 1961 that he put together the Paul Winter Sextet. Columbia Records was quick to sign them to a contract. A year later the United States State Department chose he Paul Winter Sextet as cultural ambassadors to Latin America. While on tour in South America Paul fell in love with bossa nova and this Brazilian music became a staple for the Sextet. The group recorded “Rio” a bossa nova album in 1965.

Fascinated with the word ‘consort’ Paul decided in 1967 to change the name of his group to The Paul Winter Consort. A few year later, in 1972, the group met up with producer George Martin, the Beatles’ main man, to record “Icarus”. “Icarus” was a jazz album, but infused with classical music and what would become to be called world music. It was through this album that The Paul Winter Consort attracted attention from around the world.

Paul Winter became an artist in residence at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine and it was here that he created the Missa Gaia which is also known as the Earth Mass. The Dean of the Cathedral, Reverend James Parks Morton, approached Paul in 1981 asking if he would write more modern music that could be incorporated into the Mass. Reluctant at first, Paul took this idea to another level to create music for the Mass that would honor our planet. Paul again took the sounds of nature, the cries of whales and the howls of wolves, and incorporated them into his composition. The result was the now famous Earth Mass.

The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine was the site of the first performance of the Earth Mass. This fittingly took place in 1981 on Mother’s Day, in honor of Mother Earth. The Paul Winter Consort has performed The Earth Mass at the Cathedral on every Feast of Saint Francis, the first Sunday in October. It is also when the Cathedral holds its amazing Blessing of the Animals. The film “A Celebration of Creation” features the Earth Mass and this wonderful animal blessing.

Learn more about Paul Winter. go here to see and hear a clip fromthe Earth Mass You are sure to enjoy it.

The Suitable Drug Treatment Centers in Saint Paul

Drug treatment centers are usually main places of asylum for many who have issues in compulsion for a specific kind of prescription medications that fit to a a list of schedules categorized by government entities with regard to standardization. These are the places where persons are restricted so their addiction to drugs will likely be helped by programs which can be effective enough that the caring designs are attributed to the applications that have produced success within the lives of many.

Typically, drug treatment centers in America especially here in Saint Paul usually are specializing in multi perspective stages of care that varies from one on one speak for outpatients and educative speaks concerning inpatient programs.

Outpatient care This kind of care includes instances which are relatively easy to fix immediately mainly because each individual guest is evaluated on whether or not he could obtain the outpatient treatment contemplating his condition as well as the level of compulsion that he’s into. At this time there actually are drug addicts who are coping through outpatient guidance sessions and self medication system but not quite a large percentage of is successful.

The growing demography which is part of this kind of treatment method are those within the regular care regimen in which they may be required to visit the facility on a planned basis regardless of whether they are outside of the center that they have remained for months of treatment.

This is to make sure that the clients with this center goes on with the primary knowledge that they have learned in the rehabilitation. Their particular statuses are still examined even if they’re away from the unit primarily to prevent coming back again because of the same exact diagnosis.

Inpatient care This is the type of treatment method where the client is required to stay on the premises and within the care of a drug treatment center for a comprehensive recuperation. Sometimes it requires one to be restricted to remain in the realm of a specialist caring environment where by each affected person is observed cautiously in all of their treatment actions. They are given with treatments that could stand the impediments that sometimes are numerous in these statuses. The options that this rehabs provide you with can benefit your client from start to finish that when the person is suggested for confinement in the treatment center, it only means that he requires detailed administration and assistance regarding his situation. Most of the successful testimonies are derived from this particular care where the patient is given efficient care and support.

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Saint Paul: Historic Jewel of a City

The city of Saint Paul sits over the Mississippi River like a jewel. The city makes up one half of the famous twin cities of Minnesota, the other half being Minneapolis. St Paul is a distinguished city, boasting an impressive array of historic buildings and neighborhoods; but, the city can also be playful, as evidenced by the fabulous carnival that takes place every January.

St Paul has a distinctive climate with cold snowy winters and comfortably warm summers; the annual mean temperature is one of the coldest in the continental US. Reportedly called “another Siberia” in the late 1800s, the city took the opportunity to make the best of the situation by creating the St Paul Winter Carnival. The Carnival, which has been happening yearly since 1886, is a ten day festival featuring ice and snow carving, parades, and races.

The other attractions St Paul has to offer include visits to the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, gangster tours of the Wabasha Street caves, the Minnesota State Fair, the Minnesota Opera, and visits to the stunning historic Cathedral of St Paul which was built in 1904.

St Paul has some stunning historic neighborhoods for anyone looking for historic real estate as well. Dayton’s Bluff has many homes dating back to the 1880s and has been designated a historic district of the city. The Thomas-Dale area, also known locally as Frogtown, has some Victorian homes, a historic fire station, as well as a fabulous collection of ethnic restaurants and markets. Summit Avenue is an amazing area with four and a half miles of historic buildings including places of worship, homes, and schools mostly dating back from between 1890 and 1920. Summit Avenue is also home to the F. Scott Fitzgerald house where the famous writer lived for a time.

For anyone looking to travel or move to an interesting location filled with stunning historic architecture and fun events and attractions to occupy your off-time, take a look at St Paul, Minnesota.

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Get Your Engine Repair Saint Paul Done At The Earliest

Being a car owner, it is quite natural for you to be concerned with the different parts of your car or any other vehicle. You must be aware that engine is certainly the most important component of your car, and if there is any problem with the engine, your car will not function properly. Therefore, in such a case, you must look out for the problems in your engine, and try to get a good engine repair Saint Paul. It is always wise to get it repaired, when the problem has not worsened, because worsening engine can significantly affect other parts of your car.

Do Not Delay In Repairing:

Irrespective of the nature of repair required, there is another important thing that you should always remember. You should never delay in the process of engine repair Saint Paul because in such a case the problem can worsen. Often, you might think of money, but you should remember that if you delay any further, the worsening problem will make things complicated and more expensive. Thus, you will have no benefit at all in delaying the repair, but on the contrary, you will have to compromise with the other parts of the car.

This is applicable in case of car repair Saint Paul or auto repair, as well. If you can identify the problems, nothing can be better than that. In some cases, you might also try repairing the problems in your own, especially if you have little knowledge and if the problem is less complicated. On the contrary, if you think that this is not a problem to be solved by you alone, you can certainly rely on the mechanics that can easily identify the problem, and get it fixed within a very short period of time. As a result, there is absolutely nothing for you to be worried.

Do Not Worry About The Cost:

Not all costs related to auto repair Saint Paul are expensive, and therefore, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid at the first moment. You can easily enquire about the rates required to a service center or to a mechanic, so that you can arrange the necessary amount. If you want, you can also compare the rates with the other service centers for the fixing charges, so that you can finally make your move about repair. However, even if, the prices are slightly expensive, you should not ignore it because this can affect the performance of your car.

Vroom Auto Care – offers quality Car Repair Saint Paul and Auto Repair Saint Paul by Certified Maintenance and Repair Staff – Quick service write ups and drop offs. For more information please visit:-

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The Reliable And Cheapest AUTO REPAIR SAINT PAUL

Your car is very valuable to you. At the time of maintenance, make sure you choose a right repair shop. Please take a good look around your area, you may find many shop but always go for the one which gives you the cheapest but reliable support. There are some shops who use cheap and outdated parts in repairs. Eventually parts become a burden in the long run. So always ask the shop to use genuine spares for the AUTO REPAIR SAINT PAUL. It may be a little costly at the beginning but gives you value for your money afterwards.

Some useful routine check ups

The routine checkup is very necessary for the life of the car. If you are irregular in the maintenance tasks, then your car will go the scrap yard sooner than your neighbor’s old roadster.The first step towards CAR REPAIR SAINT PAUL is to check the pressure of the tires. You have to read the car’s user manual or look for the notice stuck to your car for the limitation standards in your car. Next is to check the gas level of the car. Remember to turn off the engine before checking the gas level using the oil dipstick.Lastly as per instruction of your car’s manual change the engine oil and brake fluid periodically.

The repair shop services

A good and dependable CAR REPAIR SAINT PAUL should give you the following service of; changing the lubricants, replacing the oil, air and fuel filter, changing the spark plugs, tuning service of engines, inspecting the level of break, power steering and transmission fluid and refilling service, the tire inspection and balancing of wheels. A good ENGINE REPAIR SAINT PAUL should give you all the services. Otherwise, you should consider looking for another one who does so. Please take a look at their pending tasks before you submit your car for some emergency repairs it may save you time if you go to another service station next to it which is not so overloaded with pending jobs.

On a finishing note

The car repair industry is in a huge competition nowadays. They have developed a technique to increase their customers as well as to keep their past customers happy, it is called QDAR. It means quick and dirty auto repair. It may seem the car is running perfectly alright at first, but actually it is very harmful to your car in the long run. Do not go to a store that practices this technique to make their customers happy. Always go to a shop that does genuine repairs. It may take a little longer to fix your car, but it will be fixed in the way as it should be.

Vroom Auto Care – AUTO REPAIR SAINT PAUL – Car Repair Service Shop provides all aspects of automotive repair and systems from AC and Alignments, Engines Repair, ENGINE REPAIR SAINT PAUL Transmissions to Drivability and Electrical with ASE certified technicians with a combined 40+ years of experience.For more information please

Working With Arnaud Saint Paul Co-Founder Of Smartsy

Smartsy is a startup that offers an open platform that combines mobile apps with a cloud service through visual recognition software to bridge the online with the offline word, the Shazam for the Objects. Its technology has been developed by the best experts in this domain, at the guidance of Arnaud Saint Paul, co-founder of Smartsy. Our company has partnerships with Fortune 500 clients, including publishers, agencies and brands across Europe and the United States.

Smartsy’s co-founder

Our CEO, Arnaud Saint Paul is a visionary entrepreneur, with over 25 years of experience in many departments, such as Finance, Internet, Telecom, Optics, Health and Logistics. He has received awards like Best Fashion Brand 2012, Janus 2012, Innovation Award, Best CTA 2006, Best Idea 2008, Finalist Innovation Prize of Paris 2012, as well as Best Startup 2000 for founding and selling Equod. He is also an international keynote speaker, with high quality recommendations from his previous working experiences as an entrepreneur.

According to these recommendations, Arnaud Saint Paul, CEO of Smartsy, is a specialist in bringing innovation while leading a company to success. He can handle any difficult situation, managing to find a solution for any problem, even if he’s starting up a company. He can use everything that he learns and he is a good entrepreneur for projects that are starting to grow. His knowledge in building business can help any company internationally; he is a visionary, always one step ahead of the other specialists in his field.

The Team

Smartsy is a company lead by professionals, with positive recognition and many awards and honors. The team consists of international experts from various countries across Europe and the United States of America, specialists in science technology, business industry and marketing strategies. All of Smartsy management team, including its CEO Arnaud Saint Paul are specialists and entrepreneurs, with a large experience in technology, advertising, communications, marketing and engineering. The management team consists of Arnaud Saint-Paul, CEO, Gerard Ayache, Executive Chairman, Olivier Locufier CTO and Etienne Deffarges, Member of the Board.

The team that works on developing object recognition is assisted by three main advisors: Marius Preda, the scientifical advisor, Gd Ramkumar, Technical Advisor and Paul Dunay, Marketing Advisor. They have been active in technical industry for more than 20 years, joining both national and international projects. They are editors, professors, chairmen, co-founders of multiple companies, winning awards and creating leading technology products.


Smartsy is transforming object recognition technology with its leading edge platform, offering an engaging marketing strategy solution, up to 95% VR reliability, a Revolutionary Shape Recognition Technology and Scalable for fast search. Object triggers are recognized through 12 advanced algorithms, all of them combined to provide high quality and reliable recognition ratio. The platform then delivers the related meta-data, allowing interactions and descriptions of the object.

Smartsy recognizes shoes, bags, clothes, bottles, cans and cars too. As a Social Network for Objects, you can recognize a brand’s product and even purchase it, since the best brands and publishers have a partnership with Smartsy. Even Arnaud Saint-Paul, co-founder of Smartsy, has this application on his phone and plays with it. Start using it today!

Arnaud Saint-Paul is serial entrepreneur and CEO and co-founder of smartsy. Previously, Arnaud was the founder, CEO/CTO of Equod, the 1st platform for European online retail logistics and an award winning best startup by prominent popular European business magazine. To know more about Arnaud Saint Paul at

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